Health – Exercises

I tried several times to decrease my weight, but I failed. As often my wife tells me, above 100kg it is hard to turn back. A few years ago I went above 100kg and it seemed it will stay. Nearly every time I started some diet, I stopped it, and my weight went back to the original value. The ceiling was around 108kg. This year something changed. I could tell this is a new year’s resolution, but it not. The thing which changed my mind was the fact I joined the Abundance Digital community. There are several interesting topics, and one of them is health and longevity. As a jump start, I started to consume the digital materials which mainly presentations from brilliant minds. As a good start, I jumped directly to the latest event’s folder which is Abundance 2020. There were two fantastic presentations, one from Dr. David Sinclair, and the other from Dr. Osman Kibar. David told facts, how our body forgot the endurance skills because of the abundance we are living. If we are cold, we take some more clothes, or simply turn on the heating. However cold, thirst, and hunger is a great thing in the aspect of longevity. They turn on genes, which serving the renewal of our body. Exercises are also a thing which is good. Just imagine the prehistoric ages, when you need to run a lot, to find, or not to be the food of others.

In February, I started to change my lifestyle with the collected instructions. One great thing, I skip the breakfast. The last time when I eat, is around 6pm, and I didn’t eat before noon. With this easy rule, and some more consciousness food intake, I was able to decrease my calories intake to 1800kcal per day. However it is not enough for visible changes, so I decided to start again the exercising in a gym.

In the gym, I tried several things until I found my best friend the Elliptic trainer. With this equipment I was able to burn 8-900kcal in a hour of vigorous exercises. But as with every good thing it is end at a time.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic situation the gym was closed, so I have to find another time consumption which help to burn the same amount of calories.

I tried several things, until I found my new friend. I’m lucky, because near to our house, we have a viewpoint, which is 17m high. I can do floor climbing at this attraction. With 80 minutes I can burn more than 1000 kcal, which additionally paired with 200kcal walking until arrive this place.

Nowadays I have 6 activity days per week, which has great results. In a few months, I burned down 10kgs of fat from my body, while I gained 2kgs muscles. If I keep this pace, it could mean 1kg pure fat per week.

Now I have 28.4 BMI, which is not far for the MTP target. I can tell I have additional magical supplements, but I will talk them in my next post.

If you interested in this topic, check back regularly! Have a nice day!

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