NMN – A magic supplement

A few months ago, I started to take a supplement called NMN. It is a precursor for NAD+, which you can learn more on the following page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicotinamide_adenine_dinucleotide

Why this is important? It helps in the cells for repair. As you age, you will loose from your NAD+ level. If you give a boost to your NAD+ level, you will find exciting things!

For more information, I can recommend Dr. Sinclair’s video:

It really makes difference!

I checked Dr Sinclair’s daily ceremonies, but I made some override based on the mouse experience. As I seen today finally we are all mouses. Now I’m take daily 2000mg of NMN for my repair. Parallel with NMN I take a load of supplements which I collected from Amazon.co.uk. I will describe them in more details in my later posts.

As I understand. NAD+ important for DNA repair. Because of DNA defects we collect sicks. For this reason I think it is important to keep pace with the repair.

After repair NAD+ helps in the cell level division, so we will create healthy cells in our body, when NAD+ level healthy.

This is the main reason why I take NMN.

Stay tuned for the next post. Next I will tell more about my diet, and exercises.

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