No excuses – MTPs

Today we have a public holiday. Most of the people these days, wake up later and only doing nothing. It is somehow a good thing, but not for everyone — those doing nothing who don’t have a purpose which not related to their daily job. Some of us different, like me! I found some purposes which could give a great perspective for development and not relevant for my regular job. What are typical for these purposes?

They are MTPs. Do you know what MTP is?

Massive Transformative Purpose

I collected my list on my homepage, you can check it if you are interested.

I think it is vital for everyone. Especially in the pandemic times. While most of the managers are afraid about their staff not working from home, I have seen most of the team working a lot more than in the ordinary period. From a capitalist view, we would celebrate this, and tell everyone we must make this as routine. I have a different perspective. Overwork leads to burnout, which is a tiny little devil. It starts its work, and suddenly explode! And we feel miserable about how we did not identify earlier.

This is why I think it is the right time to let’s encourage everyone to find their MTPs. This was the motivation why is went today to do a vigorous exercise. No problem with the heavy rain. Just need some warmer clothes.

I use a specialized training mask, which simulates mountain oxygen levels. You need to do harder work to maintain the same amount of activity level. 

MTP is a highly motivated purpose. A purpose for which you would be able to die. If the motivation is not strong enough, you will feel compelled to stop. If you break your progress, you are not strong enough mentally, you need to develop it.

A great example is my weight loss goal. Until it didn’t have importance for me, anyone could say anything. It wasn’t motivated me to keep it. Now, as I have personal motivation, I started to do it at an incredible pace.

As a leader, why this important? Because you need to show a role model for your team!How does your team feel about your strategic organizational goal if you cannot show any progress in your personal goal?

Just imagine a situation, when you see your boss is in a continuous weight reduction, but he still collects the kilograms. 

In my view, I want to show my team the importance of health and exercises, to have a long purpose-driven healthy life. If I want them to trust in my words, I have to show them a role model!

This is why I started a lifestyle change, and I think this motivation is strong enough to keep the progress until I reach my goal. 

This graph shows what are the results of this MTP:

Nearly half of my goal completed in a half year. 

I encourage everyone to think about: What is your MTP?

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