Biohacking – Unleash the power of health data

A few years ago, I was amazed when I first meet with the concept of 23andMe. I didn’t hesitate too much before I ordered two kits for myself and my wife. Alone this concept is not so powerful, but if you build an ecosystem around. It will give you real value. These days as a user of the page, have the freedom to share our DNA with another analytics site to have specific information. Last time I ordered some reports on diet recommendations and skin health care. The possibilities endless, and more and more will come. Just think about the gene-specific medicines. 

This concept turned on the bulb in my head!

With this tiny piece of information, how much value we get. What if we combine it with more colorful information. 

That’s why I created a website for my MTP project — Health Record Aggregation service. In most of the cases, I cannot enter my vital information. If I can enter into an app, it doesn’t have an API to exchange the data and have a holistic overview. 

Currently, the national healthcare system not ready for these kinds of innovations. Unlike the NHS in the UK, who provided an API to exchange HL7 format data. Most of the data currently available are not reproducible. For this reason, it is crucial to have a service or a place where we can enter it. No need to mention, an application with a write-only interface is not a help. We need export functionality.

Just think it over, how better will be your healthcare diagnosis if the doctors use these all information. How will it help them?

Now I can connect to Biohacking. I read about David Asprey. He was also an IT professional before he started his Biohacking business. For his experiments, there is an axiom. You make decisions for your health and state based on data. More data you have, a better decision you make!

That’s simple. Those who are conscious and open for these measurements will be healthier and more fit because they can react earlier than those who use their instincts only.

I hope this sounds reasonable! Do you see the business potential?

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