Progress in my MTP

This week was really productive in the view of MTPs.

  1. I’m paying the monthly amounts of my loan payments, so I have pace in this MTP. This year most of the debts will be consolidated, So I plan the next year without them.
  2. It is a more successive MTP. This week I went under 28 (Started from 33), so I completed more than half of the goal. 
  3. Body fat is also decreasing. Now I have around 27kg, so I need to lose another 7kg. I started some new exercises, and I have a terrible muscle strain, but I also happy because this effect shows that I did a good job.
  4. It is an easy one! I think this will be the first completed MTP. I have around 67kg muscle mass, so only three more kgs to go.
  5. This week my vitamin measurement device arrived. Now I can measure the changes in 27 mineral and vitamin levels. It was quite informative. With this device, I realized some of the vitamins were ineffective because I take it in the wrong period. Another sign, it is worth to collect this knowledge and apply it in my planned healthcare application. 
  6. The previous point related to this MTP also. Now I understand how my vitamin and mineral levels change, and what else I need to take.
  7. From this MTP, I didn’t make a pace. These are for later times. Now I have enough work on the previous ones.

My advice to you: 

Make some revision on how you progress in your MTPs. 

Have a good weekend!

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