Frontend application development in 2020

In the past five years, I didn’t make much attention to mobile developments. This year, as I made some new MTP projects (they are public on my website), I got the idea to build a mobile application that helps in my everyday life.
I started to look around and found the Flutter ecosystem. It is a great cross-platform ecosystem. Several hundreds/thousands of libraries already exist for development. With these libraries, I can quickly develop the application which I imagined.
My freedom is also coming from this platform, as it could compile a native application to IOS or Android platform. I will not depend on my app when I choose my new mobile phone.
It also has an organizational aspect, which is quite bigger than my hobby developments.
Imagine how much team develops parallel the same functionality to the needs. Many companies have IOS squad, Android squad, Windows desktop development squad, Linux desktop development squad, and many others.
What if they could develop parallel on the same code basis?
But this step needs some openness to new technologies. While we still develop our legacy parallel codebases, we will miss the opportunity, which helps to accelerate these developments.
I realized another fact. Component-based developments also help at the pace of the progress. How much you can reuse, the more speed you gain.
I started to use services like Google Firebase. It shows how great if you start using cloud-based services to accelerate your developments.
Functions that consumed months of developments previously now ready within minutes.
The development is the same as everything other!
When you start working, start to think over what do you want!
Some time spends with thinking could save days or weeks unnecessarily needed works.
So again! Think before you start any action!

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