Future of personal health retention

On the 6th of May, I received a new personal healthcare gadget. The manufacturer is a Croatian health tech startup, which called Vitastiq. 

The “magic pencil”

They are using nearly 70 years old technology, which was invented by a German doctor (Reinhold Voll). It is a non-invasive measurement technology called: EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll).

I was interested in this technology because blood sampling is an uncomfortable, expensive thing. For comparison, this device’s price is around a full blood labor examination, which shows mineral and vitamin levels in the blood. Now I can daily measure my levels and react on the reported issues. 

How a measurement looks like

Why is this important? Because I have the information to make decisions! If I see some level below the proper signal, I can react! I have two choices, the fast one, I take a mineral or vitamin pill, which increases the level of the supplement. The harder one, I make a change in my lunch plan, including meat, vegetables, spices, which affect the levels.
I think the future is around these tools.
What will change is the reaction speed in our interconnected world. Just imagine 7/24 connected sensors, which will measure health signals, like smartwatches and fitness gadgets.
Many people think that eating healthy things is not delicious. This is an awkward thing! You can be a fine-dining person while you can eat delicious things, but what your body needs!
Many factors regulate how your mineral levels changing (One example is your DNA). If you have data, you can make correlations with these data. From the relationships, you can make conclusions.
More data you have, you can make better decisions. That’s the main reason why I started to record everything I measure and do.
If you are a conscious person, I suggest you the same, it will help a lot in the future!

My most significant takeaway from the past week that I found the source of my high blood pressure. This is interesting because I had several consultations with a hearth specialist doctor. We made several measurements, but the only result was that I need to take medicines for the rest of my life. Hard to accept these in 35 years’ age.
I don’t tell the doctor is a wrong professional. The case he has only not enough data. He found a situation and provided a remedy plan to take care of the phenomenon. The problem we will have a whole life long bound to the medicines, without eliminating the root cause.
The second fact is now I use natural herbs instead of artificially created compounds.
Now I’m proud of my blood pressure.

Last measurement of my Blood pressure

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