MTP Status – 2020 Week 20

This week I have progress again towards my MTPs.

  1. From debt payment I’m free for the rest of this month. I paid all monthly payments on schedule.
  2. My last BMI measure at 27.4 This means I only need 2.4 until I reach my goal.
  3. Body fat is also decreasing. I lost 1.4 kg this week. Only 5.6kg until my goal.
  4. Now the muscle development slowed down, but it is not a problem, as weight loss is first on my list.
  5. My vitamin levels are mostly green. Now I can adjust the food intake based on the morning measurements. In rare cases I take mineral supplements but in priority, the natural source is always first.
  6. I understand better my condition. I started to take diuretic supplement. It uses natural materials, so a way better than chemicals that previously subscribed by a doctor. My blood pressure reflects back the changes.
  7. From this MTP, I didn’t make a pace as last week.
Last blood pressure measurement

This week’s advice:

Start recording your health parameters and you will discover the relations!

Have a good weekend!

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