MTP Status – 2020 Week 21

Again, I have progress again towards my MTPs.

  1. This week I finalized my loan payment plan. It seems this year I will be able to complete this point. Starting with the biggest one, which 64% of my total loans. In two month less than 10% will remain.
  2. At this point I have 27.6 BMI, which is a little bit higher than last week, but I noticed my body’s water percentage went up from 48% to 51% which is a 3kg increase in total. I’m still waiting for the effect of the dehydrate capsule.
  3. 4.8kg fat I have to burn until my goal. With the current pace this is 6 weeks. Now I have really good news I able to wear my leather pant which was too small in the previous years.
  4. Muscle development has a little gain, but not significant. On the importance list fat loss is the priority.
  5. Now I have green nearly every day. Today I had some signal for an overdose at some vitamin, and minerals. Today I had a stronger diet, I expect to go back to the green area.
  6. Blood pressure was nearly everyday green, so I starting to get back to a normal level.

This week’s learning is about blood pressure monitoring. If I take a booster powder before the excersises, it is not a good experience to measure the blood pressure prior.

After the exercises the pressure went back to normal level.

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