Application development with the investor mindset

I would like to share my experience from this week. I think it was a significant finding it worth sharing. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I started a personal project whose goal is a new mobile application. The application has several challenges for me. The first most important: both Flutter and Dart are new for me. It is always a good start if you start a project which really important for you, and you have motivation for learning. I have no problem with this because I really love to use an application that has the features I imagined to this application.
As an enthusiastic developer, I started to build functions by functions. After 3 weeks of development, I realized it is like a complex multicolor solution and not have an equally stable methodology, which used in the same way in the whole application.
Here we arrive at the topic of this article. In my free time, I also work with investments. What is common in development and investment?
The loss must be realized and focus on growth again. That is what I did with the development. I took the specification only from the previously created code and started back from scratch.
The result amazed me. In 3 days, I recreated the functionality in the new structure. Now I can pace more effectively.
The code is more simple and easy to see the overview!
There is also another aspect which essential and many times eliminated from the focus!
You need to take time to think about what you want to do!
If your environment has an orange, machine-like mindset, no chance for it. They focus on the pace, not the result. Like the production quota is 400 lines per day, you have to complete it. It doesn’t matter; in the ideal case with some thinking, you can have the same result with 10% code lines.
And we turn back to another important factor of the orange culture. It is more of a fixed mindset environment than a growth mindset.
With the fixed mindset, there is no chance, to be honest, and tell the way we are going is a dead-end.
We will continue bolting the wrong solution, instead of writing down the losses. What is scary in most cases is that we still don’t have this investor mindset in the finance sector.
I hope this article helps to understand the importance of the investor mindset, and how you can use it in your everyday life.
Next, I will write about describing your goals to have a focus on things that keep you moving forward to your goals!

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