MTP Status – 2020 Week 22

Here is this weeks progress.

  1. Next week a new calendar month begins, I will pace again in the loan workout.
  2. This week I made again progress at this point. 27.2 is the current BMI, which is the lowest one in the past 5 years.
  3. This week the lowest measured fat weight was 23kg, which 3kg from the goal. What I noticed the lowest measured fat weight was 22.8 which is not far from this point. I think next week I have a great chance to reach.
  4. This week I replaced the 4th point of the MTPs. I realized muscle is not only not important, but negative effect on longevity, so it must not be on the MTP list. I will do exercises, to maintain my muscles, but it wil be rather a fat conversion than a goal. Instead of muscle development I will focus on meditation. 🧘‍♂️ Practicing mind care is as important as maintaining the body. Body and mind should be in balance.
  5. This week I everyday had green vitamin levels, so I think this way is really good. I attended a presentation where I found a great Biohacker from Finnland. I bought his book on health hacking, and I hope it will help to fix my deep sleep cycle which is on the minimum side of the normal.
  6. Blood pressure was same as previous week, so I keep the good practices. I started to do meditations which has focus on slow down, and release stress.

This week I attended a conference, and I’m rich of new information. It will take more than a half year to really process the new information, but I think it really worth it. The main focus of the topics was, meditation, psychology, organizational developments. I’m ready for the next weeks challenges!

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