MTP Status – 2020 Week 23

I have a slight delay in my post, as I usually post on Sunday. But now let’s turn into the details.

  1. I paid the current month’s amounts.
  2. This week I made a significant improvement. My weight is 5 year’s low. 91.2kg. BMI is 26.6, which means I only need 1.6 to reach my goal.
  3. This week the lowest measured fat weight was 22.2kg, which 2.2kg from the goal. My estimation at the end of summer I will have a constant weight under the goal.
  4. I started my mediation sessions. Parallel with this, I put together a brain sensing tool, which show my different brain activities, so I can measure the effects of the meditation. 
  5. Vitamin levels still green, so this point fine.
  6. Blood pressure was same as previous week, so I keep the good practices. I started to do meditations which has focus on slow down, and release stress.

And finally this week I learned a lot for mobile developments, so I will be able to create not only a usefull, but beautiful application.

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