Slow down

We are living in a fast world. Mostly all things around us happening fast. We don’t even notice how quickly we live and how we passed everything.
From this point of view, this week has a changing moment. I am continuously getting signs, about to slow down. Let’s go through these, to understand the life-changing signs.
The first was the meditation. After the integral conference, I decided to start the meditation again. From the different courses of my Muse headband, I searched for those that help to sleep better. Sleeping extremely important for the next day’s performance. My deep-sleep cycle is less than usual. On average, I have between 20 to 40 minutes. If you take care of your sleeping, I recommend you a great Finnish doctor: Olli Sovijarvi’s work which available for free:

So back to the Muse meditation. I found materials on the device for better quality sleep, these called Mantras. One of the best workings was the Slow-down mantra. As you listen, it helps to slow-down your body before sleep. Often my pulse goes below 60 with this meditation.

The next life-changing moment was my training on Tuesday. I usually do a floor climbing in a viewpoint near to our house. On Tuesday we had a terrible raining! The sky fell off. Suddenly large streams of water formed. I’m well dressed for any weather, as you can see in the picture below.

Nothing can stop me if I want to go to take some exercise. This day was the same. After I changed my working dress, to this uniform, I went to do my regular floor climbing. In minutes my clothes turned wet. In the same situation, everyone starts to run. But suddenly I realized why I need to hurry or run? It is a great moment to enjoy nature! Being wet is a natural thing and no effect on health! After a few moments, I realized many things. I can see the bugs and snails on the road, so I can take care of them. I can take pleasure in seeing the rainbow on the raindrops in front of me.
When I arrived at the viewpoint, I started my exercise. On the steps of the viewpoint, I found many bees whose wings were also wet, so they cannot fly. I began to take care of them and put them to a dry place.
The experience which I gathered at the viewpoint continued yesterday. I went to my usual weekly walking. We have a small brook called “Szilas-patak”, which not too far from our house. There is a long road along the creek until Lake Naplás. When the weather is good, and the sun is shining, there are many bicyclists. The same was yesterday. In the past, I used headset to listen to music while I walking, but now I only listen to the sounds of nature. In Japan, there is a tradition of Forrest walking, which also helps to release stress and slow down to the moments of life. I realized how the fastened world destroys life. A great example, how the bicyclists bike over bugs and snails on the road. Many casualties on the way, and they don’t even notice. They care more about themselves. And this is an excellent reflection of the selfish world and how we live our days from day to day. We miss many miracles because of the speed of our society. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can decide to slow-down, to have a better view around us. There is an integral way to integrate all of these moments and happenings around us and live a more balanced life.

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