MTP Status – 2020 Week 24

I have a slight delay in my post, as I usually post on Sunday. But now let’s turn into the details.

  1. Only two weeks until next month, when I will pace again in this goal.
  2. This week again I have some stuck, but now I need patience. Results will come over time. Not so many gains. The weeks low is 22.3 which I measured today. See the next MTP for positive results.
  3. I’m happy about this MTP because my lowest fat weight was 21 kg this week. In this view, I only need 1.0 kg to the goal. I think within one month I will be under 20kg. At the end of the summer, this will be constant.
  4. Meditation has great results, I continue this practice.
  5. Vitamin levels still green, so this point fine.
  6. Blood pressure again good, mostly green, some times high normal.

This week I continue learning, because I only have two more weeks from the period of learning.

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