MTP Status – 2020 Week 27

You can realize, I skipped some weeks (two). As everything happening with a reason, this also. These weeks we have a lot of birthdays, when we should release the focus. The good news, I remain in the same weight range, and what is more important I finished my first MTP!

  1. Completed
  2. As I told in the intro of this post, I remained in the same range. Current BMI 26.3, notso far from the goal.
  3. This MTP also good. Body fat is 21.2 Kg. Only 1.2 needed until I reach my goal. As I continuously do my exercises it will happen at a time.
  4. This two weeks I skipped the meditation, but now I will turn back.
  5. Vitamin levels was green this week. What’s new, I invested into a continuous blood glucose monitoring tool, now I can check how my food intake behavior change my blood sugar level.
  6. This is also a point where I’m really proud. My blood pressure was green in line of a week! No high normal values!

Learning completed on the platform, so I turn back to my projects. Have a great weekend!

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