MTP Status – 2020 Week 32

You can realize, I skipped 5 weeks with my report. As everyone, I also need some rest. I did many things to refill my energies, to start again with full power. I replaced my Withings body scale to a Xiaomi one. It’s cheaper and has more information.

  1. Completed
  2. Current BMI increased thanks to the many events. But after August I will back on track.
  3. Body fat is 26 Kg. I will need to burn 6kg of fat with 42.000 kcal 🙂
  4. I had some meditation, but now without the tools. Just plain method.
  5. Vitamin levels were green this week, and nearly half more than needed. I finished my blood glucose level monitoring. Has the conclusions, so now I able to control my blood sugar levels. I invested to a smart toothbrush, which will help to learn how to brush my teeth correctly.
  6. Blood pressure is normal, and I did some blood tests in a laboratory. I’m still waiting for some results after I receive I will get into the details.

I have some free days, I will use my time to learn more.

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