Waiting for some miracles

In the past weeks, I didn’t write articles. I used my time to regain my power. I have more time to think about things in this period, and I thought it is a good idea to write about a general situation.

In general, I was thinking about what is the difference between successful people and others.

Most of the population waiting for miracles to happen!

Just think it over! Like your situation! 

How would you like to live? 

How far are you from your goals? 

Are you doing systematically something to reach your goals, or just waiting for your luck?

I can tell you, in the past, I was in the same situation! I was waiting for a dream job. I was waiting for a headhunter contact to tell I’m the potential candidate for my dream job. At the end of the last year, I had several conversations with a British recruiter. I went through several job interviews. The job itself was the dream job— with a magnitude higher salary and an assignment, where you can show your true potential.

Finally, the recruiter disappeared. On one side, I was disappointed and wrote a letter to this recruiter’s manager, I don’t want to participate in this story. On the other side, it was a sign where I realized I was also the one who was waiting for the miracle!  

How much of us waiting for winning on the Lottery, and dreaming how will spend the enormous amount?

In reality, those who won nearly all spend their money and get back to an even worst situation. 

They know! How they can live with significant wealth, but it is gone!

For me, this moment was when I realized the difference between successful people like Elon Musk or Bill Gates and me.

They all have plans, and they do it on their own! They are not waiting for the touch of Fortune!

I started to write down my goals! What is essential for me, and what I want from my life! Started to prioritize my goals.

In general, I realized only two things necessary — financial background for my later years, and health to enjoy my freedom.

If you have this, you can spend your time with those you love and spend your time with things you want to do. 

You can tell me if I want sooner my financial freedom than I need a better paying job! In reality, it is one way, but there is a different way!

You can start saving! If you do it, you will realize the power of successful people! All of them taking action instead of waiting for luck!

The key to their success they have the energy to start from zero again! When you connect the pieces in your life and realize how you can do the same, you will be free!

And freedom comes with power! You will live less stressful with this knowledge because you can start anytime from the beginning!

And this is the real power!

You will learn over time from failures how you can eliminate them. As your savings increase, it will also help you to have a stable ground!

So be brave and start acting instead of waiting for a better day!

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