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In the past years, I made a lot of investigations on how organizations work. For this work, I got great inspirations from books like Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux or Work Rules by László Bock.

Parallel to this journey, I started to learn more about Ken Wilber’s work on the Integral Theory. 

This year, I’m glad to see a rising movement around the globe to move to the Teal organization model. More and more organizations realize the Agile model is only one stage of our journey. I found several references around the Teal as they referring as Agile 2.0. And this reference is a good one because Teal not made the agile outdated. It is just enhanced it to a higher level.

I still believe the Teal is also not the destination where we arrive, and we are done. 

When I realized this fact, I started to search for what improvement I expect beyond the Teal. 

On the Teal level, we are thinking about organizations like a living organism. Colleagues forming the organizations as cells forming the human body. If we want to improve the body conditions in great magnitude, we should start it from the cell levels. Much recent research around extending the human lifespan. All of them working on cell level health.

This could be true for an organization also.

With all cells (the colleagues), we need to go to a higher level of consciousness and evolution.

This development has several aspects. For me, the most important is the freedom which Teal made on a work level, must be realized on the individual colleagues’ level. Everyone must find their evolutionary purpose first, the reason why they wake up every day! As the Teal operation model is not for everyone, I think this awakening level is also not for everyone. Someones frightened when they have the freedom to do that what they really like! 

Imagine if you, as a leader, empower all your colleagues to have full financial freedom. What if you are free to choose the work you like! Are you do the same work you do today?

Imagine how much stress should be released if you are in this stage. You are not working for daily, monthly income, you are working because you are passionate about your work!

For this freedom, most of us have to grow up. Most of us socialized to work for a living, and being slavery of our work! That’s the main reason why many people fell into depression when they retired. They feel they are not useful anymore! This because they didn’t find their evolutionary purpose while they were working! For this exercise, the Japanese Ikigai concept gives excellent help.

If we can empower every individual colleague to find their full potential in their lives, they will make exceptional performance both on personal and organizational levels.

Today I think this could be the possible Agile 3.0 model. Time will decide if this correct!

For those who search for motivation, and empowerment which I described, I could recommend the movie, which I saw yesterday!


The most important two quotes which I have taken from the movie:

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs” – Tom Hawkins

The other from Peter Diamandis: Your dream is not useless until you give up to reach it!

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